A Grand Transgression

from by Needless

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Music created by: László Bánfalvi, Tamás Bárány, Zoltán Németh, Ádám Forczek

Lyrics: Ádám Forczek

Taken from the EP called "The Dark Spirit of Ages" coming early 2015.

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A grand transgression

It has been written, carved onto old stones, through generations:
Humankind will conquer the pale blue dot.

You! Sapiens! Supreme carnivore!

Shepherd of all the species, he, who bears unearthly skills,
A priest who follows the so-called shining golden way.

Makes the pandemonium of the perpetual catastrophes,
Crawls backwards with fear through the centuries.

Star-crossed, unaware minds are still unable to break their walls down.
Yet they’re willing to move mountains away.

And make the pandemonium of the perpetual catastrophes,
Crawl backwards with fear through the centuries.

We feed the deserts, spoil the nourishment of the earth,
Where materialist souls breed sightless children.

What we have become?

This is a glorious blasphemy,
The head of the goat stares at an inevitable downfall,
No living creature can bear this old conquest much longer,
Modern degradation deforms life itself.

A pandemonium.
A despair through the centuries.

So feed the deserts, spoil the nourishment of the earth,
Where materialist souls raise sightless children.

We will witness as societies crumble.

What we have become?

There is no fertile ground anymore,
Sunshine bleeds into a dying atmosphere,
Cages, exploitations, enslave us evermore,
Anguish and terror serve global control.

All is to promulgate, to meet thy fatum.

Fiends are preaching from their jeweled lecterns,
Make apparations worship emptiness,
They’re preparing for the final hour,
Relentlessly on a grand transgression.
I see a light.
It’s shimmering through dark skies.
It beams with ferocious rays.

I see a light, It burns again,
Crimson sun shines on a cold and empty wasteland.


from The Dark Spirit of Ages, track released March 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Needless Dánszentmiklós, Hungary

Country: Hungary
Genre: Metal
Members: László Bánfalvi - Bass; Tamás Bárány - Guitars; Zoltán Németh - Drums; Ádám Forczek - Lyrics/Vocals

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